Exam's OVER!!!

Wrote this during the last minute of the last test(maths) xD

First Term exams are officially over, whooooooooooooo!

Seeing as its my 7th official examination since i came back from Australia,i honestly didn't give a chocolate fudge that much anymore. That's probably why i was online till 3am last weekend, instead of studying. Lol.
See? i'm supposed to be panicking coz it means i've got 2 more exams(including trials) till PMR.
I'm planning on having the time of my life this week, then i'm gonna get serious. Someone make sure that happens, tau =)

Anyways, i was pretty stressed out this week. Slept at 10, woke up at 4am everyday.
After the last test(maths), i was so exhausted, i hardly celebrated(except hug Nubbins).
Know what i said to Iman? "I'm SO tired of thinking...". Lul.

Lets go paper by paper.

1. BM 2 - Pretty easy, though i'm not so confident with my grammar.

2. BM 1 - HARD GILER! I'll be thankful if i get more than half right xD

3. Sejarah - Arghhh! i didn't focus on Bab 2, it was too long! Not much of Bab 1 & 3 came out, darn.

4. English 2 - I wasn't sure how we were supposed to do an official letter =S (finished an hour early)

5. English 1 - Hahaha, easy giler. Finished in less than 30 mins.
6. Geography - Pretty average paper. I think i did pretty well. Lets hope so xD.

7. Arabic - I regret not answering anything for the karangan, it was worth 20%. MIGHT fail.

8. Pendidikan Islam - Whoooo, got to answer everything! Except a few are wrong, i think. Hoping for an A.

9. KHB - DID NOT STUDY. Thought i was going to fail. I got  89%, the highest mark. WTH!??*Alhamdulillah!!!!!!!!*

10. Science 1 - Pretty hard, though some questions were as easy as ABC, lol.
11. Science 2 - EASIEST PAPER EVER.

12. Math 2 - SUSAH GILER!! Me and Iman nearly died. I lost my appetite after the test. But i ended up eating anyways xD.

13. Math 1 - A very good paper, i must say. Hope PMR will be like that,its not too easy, not too hard. A genius paper made by a  genius teacher!He's seriously awesome.

I hope i'll get top 3 in class. Coz my mum promised to by me my own tub of Haagen-Dazs. COOKIES AND CREAM!!
Can't wait to see my results.
In the meantime, lets PARTY!!!!
*crap, got tuition tonite xD


  1. Congratz! Dont forget to invite me to any celebrations ya. heheh.
    But dont go overboard too.
    BTW, I could help you in a few things eg the official letter in english, maths, BM, and sejarah.
    some free tuition perhaps?

  2. emberpen: hahah, thanks muhammad, really appreciate it! =D
    i'd need help for sejarah, to be honest xD coz i get bored easily xD

    fobia: LOTS of fireworks xD



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