Here On Earth

We're from 2 different planets, we fell in love <3
You've probably noticed that the song(thats getting pretty annoying?) that first plays on my blog every time you visit is "Here On Earth" by Chrishan ft Che'Nelle.
Lol i've listened to that song like 200 times already xD. Yep, its been on replay for a while.
Its just a normal song, but i really like the beat and the lyrics xD.

Anyway, i just find it really amazing that two people who are meant for each other can come from two different places. And sometime in their life, God will let them meet. And fall in love. And yeah, stuff after that xD.

Like Adam and Eve, when they got stuck right here on Earth and were separated for a long time, then eventually found each other again.

 Awwww. That's pretty much how it works till today. You probably don't know where your true love is right now. You don't know if you've met them yet, when you'll meet them, where you'll meet them, or if you'll even meet them at all. But God is powerful and knows everything.
When we were born, it was already decided who our soul mate is going to be.
They're probably walking on this Earth right now.
Maybe thousands of miles away? Or just next door, perhaps? They could be your classmate, your best friend, some random person on the street or just someone unexpected.

I'm not sure if this is true or not, but i read somewhere that 80% of people meet their true love before the age of 16. WOW. Haha, wonder if i have? It'd be kinda interesting to be part of the 20% xD. But whatever plans that God has for me, of course i'll accept =)

LOL i find this cute n funny xD
Haha, ain't this weird? Kamalia, talking about love? pfffttt. Lol, cmon, everyone thinks about these things =) And i find it a pretty fascinating topic xD When i finally know that i've met "the one", i'll be singing this song like a silly little girl and just giggle. LOL.
Oh yeah, thanks to Rizal for introducing the song, YES, i am obsessed with it, LOL.
Just waiting  for you, wherever you are xD


  1. personally,... no, i don't share my love life, love story, or love 'things' with anyone.
    got trauma over the past event.



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