HELP Debate 2011

I ended up joining last minute, and so u can imagine how unprepared i was.
Thank GOD for Fakhry. He is a genius, man. Even though we lost 2 rounds(SHOULD'VE TOTALLY WON 3), we would've had more trouble winning the other 2.
I had a lot of fun, actually. That's why i love debate competitions, coz u can just be urself coz no one gives a chocolate fudge xD.
Anyway, we won the first round, 

THBT Malaysia should subsidize education for all children irrespective of what form of school(public/private) they go to.

I haven't debated in a while, so i was kinda shaky. But we won anyway.

Second round:

THBT developing countries should impose a minimum wage legislation(something like that).
Lost this one, we were gov, the other team was good.

Why so serious? lol

Haha,sempat lagi

Still got time for self-obsession xD

KFC in the middle of the hallway!!Whooo, we're awesome

Max, i miss him! He's the background on my iPad xD

Yeah, that was all on the first day. On the second day, we were opp for both rounds.
Round 3:
THW ban unmanned vehicles in during conflict/war.

I don't know how the fudge we lost this round. The reason was too unreasonable. PEOPLE DON'T GET SARCASM!! And they need to check their hearing when people say SHAME, not the S word, ughh. 
Should've won.

Round 4:
THW ban setting up any new nuclear energy plant

Yayy, won this round. The judge was kinda annoying during the debate though, coz it seemed like she didn't even wanna listen, but then she's a pretty good judge.
The gov whip reminded me a LOT of Fareeha! The way she spoke was SO SCARY! But then after the debate she was so friendly and i'm like WHOAA. Haha.
I got best speaker, which was a surprise xD. I like being opp more than gov now, less complications xD.

LOVE this

They got addicted with the games on the iPad xD

Yeah, that's Rhino, my PT. See that Snickers? i wasn't supposed to eat it but i did xD.

We met SMI Hidayah debaters at PWTC afterwards! It was SO cool coz it was so random!! They were like HEYY and i was like OMG, HEYYY!!!!!. Hahaha. FINALLY got a pic with them!! Gonna take more at MUSLEH, insyaAllah =)

All in all, it was a great experience xD.

* Credits to Narnia(Nani) for being the photographer =)


  1. hahahha yeah it was so random! i never thought i would meet you guys there!! ;)

    but what were you guys doing there? didn't see you holding any books.. haha.

    oh and see you at MUSLEH.



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