LOL i know what you must be thinking.

Easy, i can explain it all in 2 words. Fernando Torres.
Haha nahh, its not that simple. I supported Chelsea when they vs Manchester United last night not only because Torres was in Chelsea.
Though he does STILL look hot xD(this was in a different game though)
Well 1st, if Man U won, then they have a bigger chance of winning the league, which means that they'll beat Liverpool's record of winning the cup(since they've both won it the same number of times).

2nd, coz i've never really liked Man U. Like Steven Gerrard said; those who support Liverpool were born to dislike Manchester United. So its quite rare to find a person who is a Man U & Liverpool fan. I've only met one, and that's Fareeha, lol.( I kinda made her like Liverpool xD)

3rd, coz i want Arsenal to come 1st and beat Man U! Furthermore, i want Arsenal to win the whole thing, if Liverpool's chances are gone.

Lets do some math.

Premis 1: Chelsea beat Manchester United.
Premis 2: Liverpool have beaten Chelsea twice this season.
Logical conclusion: Liverpool will beat Manchester United this coming Sunday.

Well that wasn't hard, was it? Even a three-year-old kid can figure that out ;)

LOL, i wish it was that easy though. Actually their chances are quite low, because lots of good players are injured, like Martin Kelly, Raul Meireles and Daniel Agger! I guess we'll have to count on the others, especially Captain Fantastic aka Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez to score for us. Lol, Vidic from MU was red-carded, so maybe that well help us =)

I think this was one of those VERY rare times where i supported Liverpool's long time rival. 


Liverpool will always be first, Arsenal second. YNWA =)


  1. lol.
    that is so obsessed. haha

  2. yup. Liverpool will win the league next season.hehe

    Vidic will not play against us, good news but meireles doubtful.Hope he's ok.

    Hope Arsenal win the league this year ^_^

  3. emberpen:lol, yep.

    gerrard & fobia: yep!! hope arsenal wins this season!!liverpool will rise next, insyaAllah =)



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