An Ordinary Girl

I'm just an ordinary girl 

Sometimes I'm lazy, I get bored.
I get scared, I feel ignored
I feel happy, I get silly
I choke on my own words

I make wishes, I have dreams
And I still want to believe
Anything can happen in this world
For an Ordinary Girl
Like you, like me

-Ordinary Girl- 
Miley Cyrus

This is a really nice song by Miley, and i think it suits everyone who considers themselves as 'ordinary'. Just because we're ordinary doesn't mean we can't have a wonderful life.

Sometimes when i'm at school, the little primary girls(Year 2's?) would come up and yell "Kakak Kamalia!!!" and sometimes they'd come and randomly give me a hug. Lol i gotta admit, it gets annoying at times, but it made me wonder, what did i do to make them look up to me like that? Because to be honest, i don't know the names of half of those girls. But they happen to know me. Maybe its because i'm really active in school activities, but i'm not the only one who is

I just feel like saying to those girls that i'm just an ordinary girl just like them. I was once as little as they were. I was once a girl who played with Barbie dolls and would get upset when someone stole my best friend. I had a tantrum at Carefour because my parents wouldn't buy me catfood. I was once a girl who had a crush on that one funny boy, and would tell everyone that he was my boyfriend. Haha.

My point is, no matter how known or popular or lonely or weird or awesome or whatever someone is, we're all still ordinary. We still do the same things. But that doesn't mean that we're boring or uninteresting. To me, it means we have a life. =) You don't have to be extraordinary for your life to be awesome. Just be yourself, not who others want you to be. Don't try to be someone else, just be YOU, and ur already special in your own way. =)

Lol, i just love using this pic, not sure why xD



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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