Sharing problems =)

You guys know when I post all those supposedly 'inspiring' posts? The ones about not giving up, about courage and bravery and all of those things?
I smile every time someone says i inspire them. I'm always happy when i help others to be better.
Maybe some people aren't even inspired at all, maybe you guys just think i'm a girl who's just saying stuff that she thinks should be said. But actually, no.
The actual reason i write all of those things is because i need to inspire myself as well. When i'm telling you all that its okay to be afraid, actually i'm telling myself that as well. When i'm telling you to be strong, i'm telling myself that too. Because like all of you, i am human too.

I have problems. I get frustrated. I get pissed. I get stressed. I worry a lot.
By writing about things that inspire others, i'm actually trying to convince myself to be strong.

Because sometimes, even i can fall apart. Nobody's perfect, except of course our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).Sometimes when things are just too painful, even i break down and cry my heart out too. But i think that that's okay. Because i'm human. God gave me the wonderful gift of emotions. Otherwise, i'd be no different than a robot. I mean, even animals have emotions, rite?

To be completely honest, i'm not really sure what the message i'm trying to send by writing this post is. But i did learn something though. And that is to never keep your problems bottled up inside of you.
Its always best to share your problems, so that you don't go crazy because of it. Believe it or not, it really helps. I doubted it at first, so maybe that's why i always had an uncomfortable feeling inside of me.
But when i share my problems with other people, even if its just with one person, it feels like a burden has been lifted off of me. 

So guys and girls, if you ever need anyone to listen to your problems, even if they're the smallest things ever, i just want you to know that i'm a great listener(most of the time, lol).
And i hope that when i have problems, i can come to you too.
I'm kinda active on YM & Skype =)
And i'm also good at keeping secrets xD

But actually, i'd advice you to go to someone that you trust, then you'd feel more comfortable to share your problems, and they'd be more than willing enough to help.
So yeah. Its like 3am right now, i should get some sleep xD.
Niite peeps, Peace be upon you all =)



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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