Reality sucks.

Sometimes, don't u just feel like reality sucks? That sometimes, things just don't go your way, coz you're just not good enough?Meh. i guess its normal to feel that sometimes.
But it really sucks when it does happen.
Basically i just felt like SugarHoneyIceTea for most of the day.

To be honest, if i was the only person debating, and i lost, i wouldn't actually care much.
But what i freaking hate is letting other people down and disappointing them. Damn, that's the worst feeling ever.
So yeah. Sri Ayesha only won 3 rounds out of 5 rounds, which i guess isn't that bad, but we weren't great enough to break into the octo-finals.  But i was really disappointed in myself because i really suck at clarity, which is bad coz it leads to messy debates.
What the heck is wrong with me? I felt really bad after the break announcement.

Dear Fattah and Syed,
Guys, i'm sorry i sucked. You guys were great, and i felt like i let u guys down pretty hard. I know how much u guys were hoping to break, and trust me, i was hoping for it too. I'll try and improve myself, so that nothing can stop us at Musleh and UIA. But actually i had a great time debating with you guys, especially during the times when we actually won, lol. Wow, i'm really impressed of how patient you guys are with me during quarantine, I'm really annoying sometimes, i know. xD. We'll keep training so that we'll be unstoppable =)(that sounds so easy, lol. but you gotta believe to achieve xD)

Thanks for ur never-ending support during the tournament. Even though u didn't debate with us, but nevertheless i know that u felt our disappointment as well. I want you to know that i'm really proud that you got promoted as an adjudicator, because yes, you're just "sexcii", lol. When you join us for the next tournaments, i know that we will only be stronger and better. We started debate together, and i wanna end our career in debate at Sri Ayesha together, hopefully with a trophy =)

Thanks a lot for ur support and help during the whole thing. I know you said not to have regrets, but its kinda hard for me not to. But anyway, thanks for always trying to improve us after every debate. I really don't think we could've gone this far if you hadn't been one of the people to train us to who we are today. And i really look forward to watching The Great Debaters someday, lol.

The Newbies, aka Hafiz, Rizal & Syafiq.
Hahaha, thanks guys, for just being there. Just having u guys watch us debate, and watch me talk gibberish most of the time, that's actually quite supportive. I hope you've learnt a lot from the tournament, and i hope you'll be great debaters, maybe even greater than me. I know you guys have the potential and all, so don't worry, just keep training and don't give up, and in no time you guys will be amazing. =) When there's no more me or Iman or Fattah or Syed, it'll be your turns to shine and make the school proud, InsyaAllah.

Pn. Azizah n Sir Fauzi,
You guys are awesome, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. Hopefully i haven't wasted any of your money and efforts by actually learning something from this experience. I'll try and be better next time, InsyaAllah. Your support will always help us keep trying to be the best =)

Ummm yeah, just letting out what's on my mind. Actually, only a small part.
So yeah, just a random and boring post with no pictures. I'm gonna write an actual post specifically about out rounds later.



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2017 Reading Challenge
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