Lunch from 1000ft off the ground xD

Thirteen of us went to KL Tower for lunch today. My dad got a new car, so i was really hyper on the way there, lol. Seeing as the restaurant was 1000ft above the ground, it was like COMPULSORY for me to bring my D90, lol. OMG. The buffet was just awesome! Not the best, but still good. It started to rain after a while, so the view wasn't that satisfying. But wow, KL is one huge city with a lot of buildings. So yeah, took lots of pics but i only uploaded a few.

Vegie lasagna, turkey, smoked salmon, fish, olives, mushrooms, and other stuff xD

Dessert! Chocolate tower, watermelon, french pastry, strawberry jelly

My brother, checking out the view from 1000ft 

The taste is indescribable 
Crap. Gotta go work out now xD



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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