My Aussie days...

I've been blogging for nearly 2 and a half years, and i just realized that i've NEVER written a post about my days in Australia. That's kinda sad, i kinda feel bad. So i'll write one now.
A date i don't think i'll ever forget. That was my last day in Australia. Or was it my last day at school? Oh no, i can't remember...Damn, i should've written a post a long time ago, when my memories were fresh. Oh well, i'll still continue..

I was in primary school since Year 3. No, i never went to high school, so i was never really 'wild' or anything. But still, i spent 4 wonderful years there. You could say i was a 'good' girl. The most memorable year was my last year. That's the year i'll cherish the most out of my childhood. I had the most amazing teacher EVER.
I was one of the TWO luckiest people in my class, because me and Sammy got to be in Miss Meier's class for FOUR years straight. I'm very thankful, because i know lots of kids were like begging to be in her class.
During my last minutes at school, i remember Miss Meier telling me(while crying) that me and Sammy will always be her children. Nawww. She's like my second mother. Sometimes her students would accidentally call her "Mum" and she'd reply "Yes, honey?". LOL.
I can't even describe why she's amazing. All i can say is, if it wasn't for her, i honestly would not be the person i am today. I wouldn't enjoy reading, i wouldn't be obsessed with sports, i wouldn't be this matured. I wouldn't be as friendly. I wouldn't really be fair.
Because she's the one who first taught me all that. Okay, maybe i wouldn't know if another teacher would've done it too, but still, i love her very much.
She would spend her OWN money JUST to buy her students books to read. Sometimes, when too many people are fighting over the same book, she'd buy a few other copies. I had a few classmates who just hate reading, and she wouldn't give up in finding a book that was interesting enough for them to read. Well, she succeeded. She'd make sure we have P.E. EVERY day, at least for 45 mins. 
Every term, she'd always introduce something new and fun for us to learn. She taught us Year 8 maths, even though we were in Year 5 & 6. I regret very much that i haven't stayed in touch with her. Actually, i really tried. I wrote her a letter a few months ago, but i never received a reply, so i'm really worried that she's changed her mail address. Emailing never works, even when i was still there. I miss her so much. I truly think that she is an amazing person. It was hardest to say goodbye to Miss Meier. She has a twin sister, Wendy. I miss her too.
I swear, i had the RANDOMEST friends EVER! Lets start with my guy friends. Well, i hang out with mainly 4 of them; Sammy, Matt, Nathan and Huy. Lol, they're all from different countries. Sammy's from Ethiopia, Matt's from the Philippines, Nathan's half Chinese, half Vietnamese, and Huy's Vietnamese. THEY ARE AWESOME. I love them so much! Every day(almost), i'd play basketball/handball/tennis/some other sport with them. They make the funniest jokes, laugh at the randomest things and are just plain awesome. But on the other hand, they're also very caring. I also can't forget Tristan, Jarrod and Alexander. I'm pretty sure they're all Aussies, and they're pretty awesome too. Tristan and Jarrod are my ex's, by the way. I was 12, okay?
All of these guys really made my life awesome.
What about the girls? Lol, how can i forget them? I was kinda in a trio with Emily and Heather. They're both 2 years younger than me, but they're one of my best friends. Emily is so smart, even smarter and more matured than me. Heather's just cool, she makes fun of the randomest things, which always makes me laugh. She's Nathan's sister by the way. I think i kinda changed their lives a little. They said that if it wasn't for me, they wouldn't really be open up to talking to guys. Heather was a very shy girl. Now i kinda made them really sporty as well xD. Hehehe, proud. I can't forget about Imogen. AMAZING, GENIUS FRIEND. She's the same age as me, and wow, i love her, man. She'd make up like random words and we'd start using it and use them in random situations. She's always creative and fun. And her birthday parties are AWESOME. She had a Harry Potter themed party once! She was the only other Year 6 girl in my class that year, and its fun being the oldest =) I also had other younger friends like Kaitlyn, Charlotte, Sam, Toni. And lots of other peeps. Some friends that graduated a year earlier; Mathias, Vincent, Kathryn, Claire, Rhiannon, JJ. I cried at their graduation.
Oh yeah, have i mentioned that i was captain for Blue house for 2 years? And Blue house won for like  3 carnivals while i was captain. THAT IS AWESOME. I was also part of the SRC for all of the years that i was there. So yeah, 4 years.But we swap every half year. Then suddenly, i'm SRC for 3 years in Malaysia. WOW, don't i love representing students? lol.
During my LAST week of school, they did like a surprise mini graduation for me during assembly. I got the Sports award. That's one of my proudest achievements. My teacher read out a long list of all the things i participated in(not to brag or anything, lol). I later found out that Tristan got the Sports award for boys. Awww, now our names are on historic shields. Freakin awesome. My other friends got awards for other stuff, and i am VERY proud of them. My class got most of the awards, because, well we're kinda called the "CAP classes", which was originally called the "Gifted & Talented" class. So yeah, u get why.
But that didn't mean that the other classes weren't awesome as well.
I can never forget my last day. My last moments, to be exact.
I hugged everyone that i saw. All of my classmates. I remember Taka trying to pull away from me, coz he's shy, hahaha.He's an awesome half-Japanese kid who's awesome with computer stuff and math. I remember hugging the girls and the guys. I remember them wishing me luck in my future. I remember them saying they'll miss me. I hugged Sammy twice, coz i know i'll miss him the most. I didn't wanna let go of him at one point, lol. Then suddenly, my old classmate, Tijana, came. Awww, i was so grateful, coz i hardly see her and she came on my last day and gave me an adorable teddy bear. She's was like my sports buddy when i was in Year 4 & 5. I remember my last moments with Miss Meier. I remember crying on her shoulders, telling her that i wished i didn't have to go. She said i was going to be fine.

And wow, who knew that she was telling the truth?

I am fine. I'm quite happy with the way things turned out here in Malaysia. I know that a chapter of my life is over, and no matter how many times i wish i could turn back the pages, i know that it wouldn't help me understand my story for the pages to come. I wrote an amazing chapter in my life, and I am very thankful to  Allah that he let me create those wonderful memories that i'll cherish forever. Just because all the wonderful and amazing people i met were written in the past chapters, but that doesn't mean that they can't appear in the chapters to come. I really hope that they will appear, i really do.
But right now, i know i have to focus on the chapter that i'm currently on. Even though i'm having a lot of trouble in understanding this part of my story, but i know that's just a challenge that i'll have to face.
May God guide me, always.

To everyone that was a part of my life in Australia, no matter how small you were in my life, all i wanna say is, Thank you for being there. I don't cry because you're gone, I smile because you were there. Thank you. I love you all.

(I know, this post is too long, its really up to you if you're bored enough to read it) =)
Please tell me if you read the whole thing, coz i will salute you.


  1. wow. i felt the same way as u before. eventhough i was in germany for only 6+ months, i felt really hard to let go my life there. but since urs was much more longer, u probably feel like this 100000X times more than i do.

    btw, i read it until the end. it somehow reminds me the times i was in germany. thnks for reminding me bout germany. :)

  2. awwww, ur welcome mashken. *salute!*
    its hard, eh? but every hello ends with a good bye, i guess.
    Now ur a part of my new chapter =)

  3. awwww, ur welcome mashken. *salute!*
    its hard, eh? but every hello ends with a good bye, i guess.
    Now ur a part of my new chapter =)

  4. I totally read the whole thing . You could be an author . I wanna be an author too . I guess the first step to being a best-selling author is make a blog and write about the chapters of your life . I kinda cried when you moved to Aussie and in my heart , i knew you would be fine and you turned out to be fine . You were my first best friend , ya know that ? ;)and you were adorable back then and your still are . :)

    Loads of love ,
    Tsara .

  5. i'm a part of ur new chapter mehh? :D hee~ sorry for the excitement, but i'm really proud to hear that from you, sis ! :) hopefully i could make ur new chapter more fun and memorable. insyaallah. :)

    ohh and thnks for being there when i needed you. :D you've done a lot for me.

  6. tsara: haha, me, an author? awww, i hope so someday. I'm not very creative, so i'd have to work around with my experiences =)

    Awww, u were one of my bestest friends when i was little, up until now =) that's why i still remembered u when i came back.
    i miss our childhood days =) i hope we'll have more memories together =)

  7. mashesz:
    your welcome mashken, thank you for always being there for me too.
    my new chapter will be colorful, i'm sure =)



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