Rebecca Black, seriously??

Lol no, this is not a post where i'm saying OMG, I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG!
Lol, apparently, this video is making people on tumblr and twitter have a life. Mostly because its pretty stupid.
Try listening to it, and make sure u watch it at the same time. The 2 friends' dancing (in the car) is ALL OVER TUMBLR. I think they're more famous than Rebecca herself.
I mean, THAT can be considered as talent and be all over the net, and people who are actually talented are still low profile? Wow.
At least write a song with correct grammar. "WE SO EXCITED". nice.
Basically she's repeating that its Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterward(in the bridge)LOL, i didn't know everyone still didn't know that.
Sorry, i don't usually criticize singers, but i just found this one hilarious.
And OMG, she is so famous right now.


  1. wtf? is this an actually music video or its those video of people making up stupid songs and stuff? WORST SONG EVER! I WAS LIKE THE FUCK UR SITTING AT THE BACK SHUT UP! AND WADDUP WITH THE VOICE! what a FAIL ~!

  2. that sounded so...erm, if you don't mind, meaningless and stupid.
    why don't these guys do something worth helping and improving others or themselves at least?

  3. @nisa: ULTIMATE fail xD
    @emberpen: hahaha, i don't mind, coz its true. aren't they like too young to even drive in the first place anyway? its funny how its not supposed to be a joke xD



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