PMR candidate 2011 =)


PMR. I'm just being honest, i have NO IDEA what it stands for. And yet, i'm taking it this year.
Like Fakhry said, I'm ignorant, though well informed. #accurate.

Seeing as I'm in Form 3 this year, then yeah, i guess i have to take PMR.
Many people say that PMR is easy. Pffftttt. Not when you haven't taken it yet xD

I THINK its important that i get 8 A's for the examination. I'm not sure if I wanna stay at SAIS, or if i wanna try and get into a boarding school like MRSM or something. Meh, i'll think about that later.

So the problem i seem to be experiencing right now is to STUDY. Seriously, i'm almost never in the mood to open my books. That's bad! I'm supposed to do well and better this year. 

So i kinda figured out that there's no use of stressing yourself for exams. Even though i feel guilty for not studying right now, i know its pretty useless to open my sejarah book and just skim read the chapters coz i'm not interested in it at the moment.
I'll study tonight. And really, i will. I know people usually work first, then play.

But that doesn't work with me.
What works with me is that i play first, THEN study.
It really depends on people, whichever way works.
As long as you don't get distracted and don't not study at all.
I heard that all the hard work will pay off, insyaAllah.

I WANNA GET 8 A'S. And i don't just want to say it, i want to ACHIEVE it. Pray for me <3



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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