Just bored.

 I've been sick and at home for the last 2 days, so you can imagine how bored i got. Nope, didn't study for the First Term exams, i really can't study when i'm not in the mood. One advice: Do NOT take the liquid cough medicine when ur about to go to tuition. I did it twice, and i had to fight sleep and try and keep my eyes open. Not a good idea.
So yeah, i took some random pictures. See the one below? THE EFFECT IS SO AWESOME! Haha, i just discovered how to do it, then i kinda got crazy about it. Yeah, i'm just really bored right now. Please pray that i'll be more hardworking to actually open my books xD. InsyaAllah, i'll start studying soon, and try and resist the addictive internet. Tata.


  1. damn! I heart ur gamba k. haihh jealous kakak =.='

  2. hahahaha no need to be jealous la amal, its not that nice pun sbnrnye xD
    but glad u like it though =D

  3. @fobia: dapat apa? the idea? haha, my genius and random brain xD. but i think ramai org dah tau dah how to do it, i'm just more hyper about it =D

    @amoroso: lol, thank you! =) but some ppl think i look like a prisoner xD



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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