Escaping Reality

Why do people want to escape reality and all of its challenges?
It really depends. Sometimes, its cause they think reality sucks. Some people might be too stressed out with reality, that they try to find something that they can do, just to escape the challenges for a while.

What do I do to escape reality?
Well, i used to read a lot of fictitious books. I love to read them, cause its like you're actually escaping your world, and entering another one. Its like you're going on an adventure with your characters. That's why when its a happy ending, its always an amazing feeling. When its a sad ending, you cry or be moody for a while. That's what i think is the beauty of reading something that you enjoy =)
Its a shame that i haven't found so much time to read these days though. 

These days, when i feel like i just want to escape, i listen to my iPod. I'm not someone who has full passion for music and fully understand it or anything. But by listening to music, it can make me feel better. Its kind of weird, i got 2 different sides to music, one being the very slow and meaningful type, the other being the really loud and rock-ish type with a LOT of music in it. It really depends on my mood. If i'm confused with my feelings for a guy, i'll listen to the meaningful ones. If i just feel like being crazy, i listen to the crazy and loud music.

Whenever i get the chance, i'd watch football. The 90 minutes of being in another world is just amazing. Especially when your favourite team is winning, of course.
Seeing everything so red makes me happy =)

One of the reasons why i LOVE going to debate tournaments is because i always leave the world of drama and the stress of school behind for a while. Just spending time with my fellow debaters, now that's pretty awesome too, cause they make you forget about exams and PMR for a while. Even though debate itself can be frustrating, but somehow, it makes me happy.

But then, of course, we can't be in our own world forever. In the end, reality will still be waiting for you to come back. Now that i'm back from KDU debate, a bunch of homework is already waiting for me. I got tuition tomorrow till Friday(its the holidays!), and exams is gonna be in 2 weeks. Well, ain't that awesome?
Oh well. Reality can suck sometimes, so lets just live with it, which is the only thing we can do anyway. 
Damn, what's with me and long posts these days?lol.
So, what do YOU do when u wanna escape reality?


  1. speaking of escaping,
    ...erm... i can't post this publicly.
    if u wanna know what i do to escape, do ask me when u got the chance. =)



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2017 Reading Challenge

2017 Reading Challenge
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