LIVERPOOL WON versing Man United=)

Liverpool's new number 9, Andy Carroll
Lots of fights, but they were hilarious
 WHOOOOOOOO, Liverpoool beat Man United 3-1!!!!One of the most satisfying games ever!!!
Dirk Kuyt is just awesome, scoring a hat trick for Liverpool, with lots of assists from Suarez and everyone else from Liverpool. I was really proud of the lads, their teamwork was superb last night. Defending was awesome, with Carra making sure of that =)

The most annoying person on the pitch? Nani! What the heck, man You could totally see that he was faking, at least after the ref wouldn't buy his complaint. Then he just HAD to cry right there. I'm so glad Gerrard pushed him. But then, i don't really blame Nani for being frustrated, since he kinda helped Liverpool score the second goal, lol. He was just lucky that Agger wasn't there to say "Play some f*cking football!" again, haha.
It was weird seeing Carroll in 9, i kept expecting to see Torres. But oh well, hope he'll do well =). Suarez was just awesome, really committed in the game.

Wow, that was one awesome game. It was kinda fun teasing the United fans, but then at the end of the day, they're still at the top spot. Oh well, i just don't want them to win the league. Anyone but Man U, PLEASE. I don't want them to beat Liverpool's record.
Hope we'll keep winning. Oh yeah, it was really nice when all the fans sang Happy Birthday to Kenny. He is such a legend, literally.
You'll Never Walk Alone =)


  1. YNWA!
    great game for the team and shame on Nani. hope Kenny be appointed as permanent Liverpool manager ^_^

  2. Yep!=D hope kenny becomes permanent manager, that guy is the perfect person for the job! i mean, look at how great liverpool is now =)
    YNWA!=D hope we can catch up =)



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