I Wanna Fly.

Omg, i seriously wanna try to fly! Since i don't have wings, i wanna try something like parachuting or para-gliding or sky diving or ANYTHING that involves falling or dancing in the air hundreds of feet above the ground.

Would that dream be too good to be true? I hope not. Its one of the things in life that i just HAVE to try.
Besides, we only live on Earth once, right? Why not make the best of it? InsyaAllah, i hope i get the opportunity sometime in life. Pray for me. I believe. =)

If my dream came true
I would close my eyes, and think about the amazing feeling. I would think about how truly amazing the world around me is. I would think about how lucky i am to be one of Allah's amazing creations. 
Then i would open my eyes, and see it all again. The beautiful clouds, the wonderful environment. 
Then i would close my eyes again, and say "Alhamdulillah. Thank you".
You know what would be a bonus though?
Because then, the third thing i would do is look into their eyes, and say I love you. And just be stuck in the moment with them.(Hahahaha, whoever wants to marry me, please don't be scared of heights xD. JK)

And if i get the chance to do it again, i'd do it with my wonderful, loyal friends. I'll make sure we do the randomest things up in the sky as well =)

Haha. Who wants to come with me?


  1. Sounds like an awesome adventure. Reserve me a ticket ya.

  2. count me in.

    apa yang kat atas muka bumi pun tak habis buat lagi kan.hee.banyak betul benda yang belum buat.

  3. @iman @ emberpen @fobia:
    Lets Go Peeps!!! i was thinking somewhere near the beach, mesti cantik giler xD.



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