KDU Debate

I'm starting to realize that people really don't read long, long posts, so i deleted the whole long paragraph that i already wrote about our experience. Let's try and make this short. And by short, i mean talking about the whole thing, haha. Nahh, i'll skip the unnecessary-but-are-actually-pretty-awesome parts.

Team representing Sri Ayesha: Me, Fattah & Syed.
Team observing: Hafiz, Rizal & Syafiq.
Adjudicator: Iman EzyD
Trainer: Fakhry.

Round 1:
SWING team vs Sri Ayesha(opp)
THW eliminate gender categorization in sports
We won!
Pretty awesome motion. I was 2nd speaker, and got to mention how girls love watching football too, and i also said Twitter and Tumblr in my speech too xD. I NEARLY mentioned Fernando Torres. Thank goodness i didn't coz Sir Fauzi was there xD.

Round 2:

Sri Ayesha(gov) vs Sekolah Seri Puteri
THBT it is morally wrong to offer a cigarette to others(something like that)
We won!
Haha, we had a hot adjudicator xD. But he said i needed to be more clear when i set up our case. Damn, the first speaker from SSP was WHOAA.

Round 3: 
Sri Ayesha(gov) vs SMK Sri Permata
THBT it is terrorism is sometimes justified
Ummm, we lost this one
Of course, being the defending champions of the tournament, they had to be good. And they were. Especially the second speaker. They're scary. Lol, they swore a LOT during their speeches. But hahaha, i said in my speech that they're probably intimidated by my "manly" voice. Oh yeah, i had a sore throat throughout the whole tournament, and apparently, i sounded like a dude.

Round 4:
Sri Ayesha(gov) vs Sekolah Seri Puteri(again)
 THW pay teachers based on students' polls
We lost.
Didn't follow what Fakhry said. Our burden of proof was too hard to prove. We really could've won this one. This was when i started breaking down a little bit. I mean, we already beat them once, we could totally have beaten them again.

Round 5(silent round):
SMK Damansara Jaya vs Sri Ayesha(opp)
THBT convicted sex offenders & child abusers should not be allowed to get married or start a family.
We found out the next day after the breaking announcement that we won this round.
It was a 2-1 split, but good enough. The chair person said that he liked my speech(2nd speaker), and i was VERY surprised at that. I thought i was being too hyper, but it kinda cheered me up a bit. Wanted to talk to the other judge(Timothy), coz he's awesome but we never got the chance.

So yeah. We didn't make it into the octo-finals. I know my team and school were crushed, and so was I. But we'll come back in the next tournaments, this time making it straight into the finals, insyaAllah. xD
Even though we didn't make it, but SM Islam Hidayah did! At least there's ONE Islamic School that can still win. I was supporting them the whole way. They made it until the quarter finals, which i think is really, really good. And mannnn, they're awesome. Known them for 3 years(versed them every year), and still haven't gotten a pic with them! Gotta take one at Musleh ;)

In the end, the final teams were SMK Seri Permata & SDAR.
Can't remember the motion, but SDAR won. They are awesome and i really respect them, coz they're only Form 3's! My age! And they're so good, especially the first speaker.

Other stuff that happened: Stayed at a hotel, ate pizza, did random stuff, listened to awesome music, checked out blogs, reblogged stuff on tumblr, took self-obsessed pics, recorded memories with my video camera, trained, learnt new stuff, and walked for like 2 km just to find food. Oh yeah, its pretty cool that some people randomly know us, and we have no idea who they are. lol.
I couldn't take my Nikon D90, so i used my old Nikon digital camera. That's why the quality of the pics sucks xD.

here are my teammates xD

syed and rizal

hahahha Syafiz being random

SMI Hidayah during octos =D

Uh-oh! Don't have pics of Hafiz and Fakhry! Sorry guys! 


  1. lol! yeah of course we HAVE to take pictures at MUSLEH.

    hey we were govt too for the motion Pay Teachers Based On Students Polls; and we lost also. come to think of, it is a motion a bit hard for govt to prove. we went against Methodist Boys School. what was ur burden of proof?

    ours was hard-work should be awarded and judged by the students. XD

  2. fobia: yup, i know rite!! they were so good!!(thank goodness kiteorg x lwn dorang, lol)

  3. Dalila:
    Yup, definitely!! dah 3 tahun, still no pics together, that's so weird!
    and since its like our final year, its a must!=D

    yup, it sounded like an easy one at first, but then when we were debating i was like WHY DID WE CHOOSE THIS?! lol.
    our burden of proof was kinda stupid actually, we were saying that students shouldn't be too exam oriented so that they wouldn't be too close minded.
    coz teachers teach too exam-orientatedly, so we wanted them to teach the students in a 'creative' and 'fun' way as well.
    well, that was kind of a fail xD
    i was so supporting u guys during the octos and quarter finals, at least if one of us made it, that's already awesome =)



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